What is propeller overhaul?

It’s important to pay attention to your propeller’s time before overhaul (TBO). While most propellers are engineered to have a long service life, they still require periodic maintenance and inspection just like any other mechanical component of your aircraft. If left unchecked, even small problems may become expensive and potentially dangerous. While you should perform regular general maintenance inspections of your propeller, it’s not easy to detect issues like corrosion or seal aging. This level of degradation is often only identified during a full propeller disassembly and overhaul at a certified propeller repair facility..



Visual Inspection & Disassembly

Upon receiving your propeller we will complete a visual inspection to detect any obvious issues that may cause all or part of the prop to fail. Such issues may include excessive or irreparable corrosion on the blades/hub, or severe damage from a foreign object or ground strike. Once the visual inspection is complete, we will confirm proper tracking, then disassemble the prop and clean all parts to ready for overhaul.


Refurbish The Blades

Before any work is done on the blades, we use digital Vernier calipers to measure width and thickness at various stations to assure the blades are above minimum manufacturer specifications. If so, then all paint is removed from the blades, and any corrosion, nicks and dings are filed and sanded out before giving the blade a final polish. At this point we will also do a preliminary static balance and obtain final measurements.



NDT Process

The blades and hub are then etched in a caustic solution and subjected to a series of Non-Destructive Testing procedures as outlined in the manufacturer's overhaul manual. Depending on the component, magnetic particle, eddy current, and/or a dye penetrant process may be employed. Once processed, the knobs and blades are shot peened if necessary. While we do a small amount of in-house shot peening, larger blades and turbines are outsourced to a more specialized facility. The blades and hub are then Alodined and a fresh coat of paint applied to the blades.



Your propeller is then reassembled according the manufacturer's specifications. Each manufacturer specifies a number of components that must be replaced at each overhaul, including seals, mounting studs, bolts, o-rings and various other parts depending on the make and model of the propeller. All Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives and Service Letters are taken into account and complied with. The propeller is then lubricated and a static balance performed. Of course, we recommend a dynamic balance once the propeller is re-mounted on the aircraft. From start to finish, meticulous records are kept at every stage of the process and become part of the work order. We will issue an Airworthiness Approval tag upon the completion and return of your propeller. Happy Flying!

Is your aircraft propeller due for an overhaul? Propeller overhauls are an essential part of maintaining the safety and performance of your aircraft. Because the propeller is among the most highly stressed components on an aircraft, it important to be vigilant about preventative maintenance in addition to complying with the manufacturer’s regular overhaul schedule. Here’s what you should know before a propeller overhaul.


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