What is governor overhaul?

In our workshop we overhaul all type of Hartzell Governors, MT Governor and actuators. . The layout in our workshop is setup in a way that the governors follow a specific path through the shop like receiving, pre-testing, disassembly, cleaning, assembly, testing, paint spray, final inspection and packaging. This setup is made to achieve the most practical flow in the repair process and separate the dirty incoming products from the clean work spaces like the assembly and test area.
Aircraft propeller governors are an essential component of constant speed and full-feathering propellers, allowing pilots to maintain the desired RPM under varying flight and air conditions. Damaged or worn governors can cause major performance or safety issues for your aircraft. During a regularly scheduled engine or propeller overhaul is a great time to also service your governor. Check with your manufacturer for their recommendation.



Disassembly, Inspection & Cleaning

We disassemble the governor in order to clean all internal and external components. During this time a visual and dimensional inspection will be conducted to detect any obvious surface flaws or damage—such as rust, corrosion or pitting—that require repair or even cause the governor to fail..


Replace Components

Each manufacturer specifies a list of internal parts that must be replaced at every overhaul, such as seals, gaskets, o-rings, etc. We always comply with the manufacturer's specifications and use the proper governor overhaul kit to replace these parts. We also strictly adhere to any Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives when reassembling the governor and considering which other components may need replacing.



NDT Process

The blades and hub are then etched in a caustic solution and subjected to a series of Non-Destructive Testing procedures as outlined in the manufacturer's overhaul manual. Depending on the component, magnetic particle, eddy current, and/or a dye penetrant process may be employed. Once processed, the knobs and blades are shot peened if necessary. While we do a small amount of in-house shot peening, larger blades and turbines are outsourced to a more specialized facility. The blades and hub are then Alodined and a fresh coat of paint applied to the blades.



In our assembly area all cleaned part and new parts will come together and the governor will be assembled by technicians who has been trained by the governor manufacturer. The assembly area is separated in special work stations for every specific governor like PG- and UG- stations. All equipment and tooling used to assemble the governors is developed to meet the high standard which is required by the governor manufacturers. Happy Flying!




After the assembly of the governor it will be tested on functionality and adjusted following the manufacturers test protocol for the specific governor. Some governors will be adjusted according the customer requirements, which has been noted during the pretest or given by the customer.

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